Saturday, August 27, 2005

Analaysis of a Modern Architect: Philip Johnson (Outline I)

Christopher Yon
Architectural Theory I
Dr. Carpenter
Analysis of a Modern Architect
I. Philip Cortelyou Johnson
A. Background
1. Birth: Cleveland, OH July 8, 1906-January 25, 2005
B. Education
1. Architectural History (1930), Architecture (1943), Harvard
C. Selected Projects
1. 1949 Glass House, New Canaan, CT
a. Final project analysis
“An open glass and steel house is the major element of an architectural composition which includes outdoor sculpture and a separate blank-walled brick guest house. Spatial divisions in the glass building are achieved by a brick cylinder containing a bathroom, and by low walnut cabinets—one of them containing kitchen equipment. The red brick floor and cylinder are waxed to bring out a cold purple overtone. The steel is painted dark gray; steps and railing are of white granite.”
b. Comparable to early influence of Rohe’s Farnsworth House
2. 1958: Seagram Building (with Mies van der Rohe), New York
3. 1962: Kline Science Center, Yale University, New Haven, CT
4. 1964: NY State Theater, Lincoln Center, New York
5. 1980: Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA
6. 1984: AT&T Headquarters, New York,
7. 1984: Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA
8. 1984: Transco Tower, Houston, TX
D. Influences & Theory
1. Known for his unconventional designs
2. Incorporated diverse influences: the neoclassicism of Karl Friedrich Schinkel, modernism of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
3. Coined the term International Style; introduced the work of modern European architects Rohe and Le Corbusier to America
4. Luxurious in scale and materials, featuring expansive interior space, classical sense of symmetry and elegance
5. Emphasizing function and structure over ornamental decoration
6. Altered his architectural principles from Modernist, to Post-Modernist, to anti-Post Modernist at will.
Wikipedia Encyclopedia Philip_Johnson
A Digital Archive of American Architecture
The International Style, by Hitchcock, Henry-Russell, and Johnson, Philip


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